The BLOK solar-powered generator gives access to a mobile autonomous power source. Designed to overcome grid power supply issues, BLOK easily replaces the traditional noisy generator by providing up to 10 kW (4 kW continuous) at 120 V and a serial capacity of 28 KWh. In addition to its capacity to provide users with energy autonomy, this generator constitutes a clean alternative for the environment as electricity is produced with zero noise pollution or Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Simple and practical, this mobile solar generator doesn’t require any human intervention.

Powered mainly by its photovoltaic panels, the BLOK solar generator is intended to be flexible, and can thus be powered by other energy sources. Indeed, if necessary or during more sustained consumption, it is possible to backup the solar charge of the station by recharging directly from the electrical grid. Used for both commercial and residential purposes, its mobility allows it to be moved when necessary to power different types of equipment. It also proves to be a very useful alternative energy source in the event of a power failure.

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