The PIVO energy station has the advantage of providing access to an energy source when connection to the power grid is impossible or too expensive. PIVO produces and stores energy for multiple uses autonomously without any human intervention. The patented PIVO energy station is distinguished for its innovative adaptation to withstand extreme weather conditions while remaining sheltered from theft or vandalism.

Developed and manufactured in Quebec, the autonomous energy station is designed for harsh climates. Its patented underground battery storage system contributes to the many advantages of the PIVO station: FREESTANDING, it is self-supporting and doesn’t require the installation of a traditional concrete base; UNDERGROUND, it benefits from the thermal mass of the ground, which helps maintain a stable temperature and therefore, an optimal battery energy storage capacity; RAPID, it is installed in less than an hour; INGENIOUS, it has an hydraulic lifting system allowing access to the control system.

Be it for safety, health, and communication or simply for power supply, a wide range of equipment is compatible with PIVO bases. The system configuration can also be adapted to the customer’s needs and provides up to 7500 Wh of storage and different output voltages: 12V, 24V and 120V. The solar panel charge control system is accessible at all times remotely and allows not only direct access to battery charge, consumption and voltage, but also to switch the various devices on and off.

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